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            Foshan City Saab Ceramic Co. Ltd, is located in the "Millennium pottery capital" -- Foshan Guangdong, is China ceramic industry in recent years to launch a new brand. Exploration and manufacturing company's long-term commitment to environmental protection ceramic tile, ceramic with the international pop elements for product research and development oriented, using high quality imported raw materials, ink jet printing technology is excellent, with stable product quality and meticulous marketing service as the base, to build a comprehensive taste space overall solution, is the industry's well-known brands of ceramic tile supplier.

            Saab tile implementation of brand marketing operation, pay attention to build standard terminal stores construction. With advanced design of high-end as the talisman, product R & D innovation speed, to create a comprehensive coverage of all luxury microcrystalline, Zun Rong glaze polishing, wood blocks, Seiko polishing bricks, tiles and other fashion impervious category. Support rich, complete specifications, there are 300*300, 300*450, 250*600, 300*600, 600*600, 400*800, 800*800, 1000*1000 and many other products, to create a full range of products of the era of the new brand. To create "belongs to a class of elite life" to lead the trend of the times and noble spirit, practice "seals between the witness to the still living faith taste".

           Since the brand since its establishment, many overseas distribution partners to join, expand common commitment to the brand promotion and sublimation. Saab tiles may and the world, and China, together with you in the future, with deep cultural heritage, to all rivers run into sea mind actively meet the future! Saab will continue to adhere to the prospect of ceramic tile design application, product innovation marketing strategy and perfect after sale service as the foundation, to build a comprehensive Saab tile complete industrial chain, to fashion simple building materials banner, create fashion of ceramic brand.

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